I take great pride in crafting beautiful bespoke wedding and celebration cakes out of the best in season, local produce I can get my hands on- get in touch and together we can design you the perfect cake!

I also offer private cake decorating and cooking classes- perfect for hen's parties, bridal showers, mother's day get togethers... Whatever you're celebrating!

My workshops and gatherings are seasonal events and tickets are usually quite limited. Sign up to my mailing list to stay in the loop, or send me an email for info on upcoming events!

workshops and gatherings

As my cakes are all bespoke, prices vary a lot. Click on the link below for some more information on sizing and minimum orders, and a rough guide to cake prices. You can also check out my cake gallery!

cake sizes and prices



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"it was as beautiful to my tastebuds as it was to my eyes"

from anastazija:

Thistle and Whey are now on my outstanding cakes list for South Australia!

"We were so impressed with her knowledge."

from jen:

Working with Vieux made it easy to level up our brand and be proud of how we looked online.

There is so much magic in the natural world, and it is my mission to share it with as many people as possible.

I love beauty, and I love delicious. Simple as that.

it has to look incredible, and taste better

Which is why I will only use produce that is grown near me and is in season and, preferably, organic. I promise, it tastes better!


I'm inspired by nature

supporting local is a must for me

so we're on the same page



And mine. If my offerings aren't right for you, no hard feelings!



i value your time

Goldlight Photography

let's embrace local, seasonal and sustainable!

get in touch

And have adventures, eat beautiful food and change the world while we're at it!