disclaimer and copyright notice

disclaimer and copyright notice

All words and images displayed in this website and journal are by me, Jordan Lewis, unless clearly stated otherwise.

All opinions expressed are my own, unless stated otherwise. 

When I write book reviews or feature products that I admire or provide links to shops or services, this is solely my own preference and written by my own volition. No payment has been received and this is in no way an advertisement for these products or services.

Occasionally I may feature products or services that have been gifted to me and in this instance a clear statement declaring a gifted item will be present.

The content of Thistle and Whey journal and website is owned by me, Jordan Lewis.

Any unauthorised reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited. Permission must be granted by me. Please do get in touch if you would like to use any of this content; images or writing for your own publications or website, or to talk about a collaboration or work with me


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