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I thought hard about whether I wanted to write a gift guide this year, as over consumption and the spending frenzy of the “holiday season” is something I whole-heartedly disagree with. However, I do enjoy buying a gift for people I love and if I can do that whilst also supporting an amazing, local small business then I feel like that is just spreading love and joy, which is what I believe this time of year is all about. So below you will find a very curated list of some things your people might love, some businesses I think you might love, and some organisations to support to spread more love.


Natalie Jade Collective makes beautiful prints (and original pieces) in earthy tones – and gorgeous prints especially for kids too!

Rachael Sarra makes prints, pins, wrapping paper, gift cards and calendars and they are colourful and happy and just the thing to brighten up your living room.

Claire Ishino is a local Adelaide based artist whose work is inspired by Australia’s natural beauty and celebrates colour and patterns and joy.


To Asia, with Love is probably my favourite cookbook of 2020. All recipes are vegetarian, and delicious, and really simple. Hetty is a genius- this book is an excellent gift!

The Ethical Omnivore may be just the book you need to gift that person who needs a bit more gentle convincing about changing their dietary preferences and meat consumption – I am hoping my father in law will love it…

Girl, Woman, Other. Hands down my favourite fiction book of 2020, I have been recommending it to everyone. It’s relevant, a great read, and gives a voice to women who have historically been fairly absent from mainstream media. Buy this book for yourself if nobody else!

feel good gifts

Donate a Happy Box on a loved one’s behalf, or just as a gift to yourself, and put a smile on the faces of women in some of the most remote parts of our country. This Christmas the organisation is also running a “Giftmas” campaign which is really beautiful and you can read about it here.

Every year Share the Dignity encourage people to make up a bag of toiletries, period products, and other small items that make our lives as women that bit easier and lovelier, and then drop the bag at a designated drop off point (usually Bunnings) to be distributed to women who go without in Australia. It is another beautiful thing to do, especially at this time of year- and if you can collect some items with your daughter and make up a bag together then I think that is pretty magical. (And you have until the 29th of November to make a donation!)

For someone who has enough stuff, consider making a donation to a charity or organisation that works with First Nations Australians. Buy a locally made card, write what their gift contributed to inside, reduce consumption and spread love! Here is a list to choose from.


Bee keeping with Crispin. A local Adelaide Hills legend, his weekend courses fill up quickly. A good gift for gardening folk!

Pottery classes with Maddie Deere. Maddie is an Adelaide based ceramicist who runs fantastic classes from her Adelaide Hills studio. I have done two and learnt so much! She’s a great teacher, I think her classes would make an awesome gift.

Online permaculture courses with Milkwood Permaculture. For anyone keen on learning skills to lighten their footprint on the earth, these guys are fabulous.

pretty, nice things (all made by local small businesses)

Bonnie Blooms makes stunning wreaths that will make your wall look gorgeous at Christmas and beyond, and she is a completely natural, eco florist- no floral foam, plastic waste or other nasties are used in her work at all! What a legend.

Spoggy Candles are poured into up-cycled, reusable vessels. Locally made, beautiful, truly sustainable. A perfect gift.

Australian native spices and teas from Warndu. Good for the one who likes to cook!


Books about inclusion and diversity for all ages. Books are always good, and this year white people have been made well aware of just how much work we need to do to create a truly equal society. This is a great list of inclusive books for kids of all different ages.

Gorgeous, practical, sparkle free hair clips for girls. These hair clips are all designed and made right here in South Australia using beautiful locally made fabric. And they work!

Your Wild Imagination is full of beautiful nature play ideas and projects of all different levels. It is made right here in South Australia, filled with gorgeous photography and fun ideas to get your kids outside and imagining.

useful gifts

A box of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper. I have given this as a gift numerous times, and it is always very appreciated (especially by people who already have lots of stuff). The company also gives back so, bonus.

A coffee subscription. For people who drink coffee at home, this is a brilliant gift. Choose 3 months, 6 months or a year – I promise you will win at Christmas.

Stainless steel pegs. These are the best pegs, and pegs are an annoying thing to buy. Useful, they’ll last forever, everybody needs pegs.


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