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A new blog series!

I am obsessed with amazing local food producers and farmers. I live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia where I am so lucky to be surrounded by people doing amazing things in food, growing and producing.

When I make a cake, I make sure I use the best local produce I can get my hands on as much as I can (this means I pretty much only source sugar, chocolate and vanilla beans from outside South Australia). One of my favourite parts of the cake making gig is finding out about people growing or producing delicious things in my area and then incorporating those things into cake). So I thought you guys might be into it too! Which led me to create this series, where I interview local producers, photograph their places and create a recipe from their incredible produce to share with you.

I really hope you enjoy this passion project of mine, and that it leads you to discover some new local favourites! (Or even just some great new recipes for those of you who aren’t as local.)


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