Social media and mental health


the blog:

and why this is important in running a sustainable business.

I wanted to write about my recent break from all social media, why I decided I needed it and how I feel after significantly reducing my screen time over the last few weeks, but I didn’t really know how it would fit into this journal. Aside from the fact that this is a place to share my thoughts and ideas, and this was an experience I have had. But I was pondering the use of talking about it here, wondering what other people would gain. I didn’t think it was really worth mentioning.

But then I realised that just as I am an advocate for sustainable living as much as possible, I am also very passionate about sustainable BUSINESS. As in, running a business that is sustainable for your lifestyle, your requirements and your mental health. (I have actually written a little about this here also.)

I want my business to support myself and my family, I want to spend days doing work I enjoy and believe in, and I want to do this without compromising my mental health. So I guess I wanted to write about it here just to say, if you are feeling the same, prioritise yourself!

less screen time

A few weeks ago I decided to take some time away from social media and the tiny bloody screen that was slowly encroaching more and more on my everyday. It has been a hell of a year (just in case you needed an update). Emotionally draining, physically worrying, mentally tough. I am a sensitive person and the year’s events have taken quite the cumulative toll, even without the frustration of running a fledgling business based on celebration cakes, workshops and gathering people that has had to swiftly and dramatically slow down just as it was gaining momentum.

I was feeling flat, uninspired and not very excited about things. And I recognised that a big part of this was watching people on social media who seemingly had a better handle on everything than I, as well as consuming way too much negative and depressing news. I need to stay informed, but there is only so much I can handle.

I stepped back, left my phone indoors and spent time outside. I gardened, I spent more time being fully present with Lila. I organised family walks and wood chopping/collecting expeditions. I responded to important emails, and that is about the only time I looked at a screen (well, apart from Netflix obvs). I took some time to think about what my original goal with this business was, how I want to feel in my work everyday and what I want to spend my hours doing.

space to process and plan

As stressful as it has been, I believe the break I have had to have because of COVID 19 has given me the space to re-evaluate where I am taking Thistle and Whey, which direction I want to steer in next. And the little break I have allowed myself from social media has really allowed me to shut out external noise and influence and remember why I started this in the first place. And slowly, my joy and inspiration have started to flow back. I am regaining my excitement.

Giving myself the space to process this year with no comparison, negativity or self judgement (of why I am not doing what so and so is doing etcetera etcetera) has been incredibly important for me. I feel calmer, more centred and more purposeful, ready to fight the battles to make this world a better, fairer, cleaner, more wonderful place, and to run my business the way I need it to be run.

So I hope, by writing about my experience and how I feel after my little SM break, you feel more empowered to give yourself the care you need- in whatever form that is- to keep bringing the good stuff to your everyday. You are important, how you feel is important, and as hard as it may be to prioritize you- it is SO important!


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