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Victoria is a maker and mother based in South Australia who makes the cutest and most practical hair bows on the market (in my opinion!). The bows are made from the best local (and organic where possible) fabrics Victoria can get her hands on, and they are all chosen with care so the bows are all beautiful and timeless.

Below you can read a bit more about why Victoria started her business and what she loves most about it. And I have to say, as the mum of a very active little girl with a pretty unruly mane of hair, Victoria has absolutely nailed the brief she set herself!

I found it really difficult finding sweet and simple hair accessories…

When my daughter was an active, outdoorsy and very energetic toddler, I found it really difficult finding sweet and simple hair accessories in the shops to clip her very luscious mane of hair out of her eyes. Everything seemed to be either too glittery, too pink, too uncomfortable, or too “Elsa”…

My daughter knew what she liked – simple, comfortable and gently colourful clothing and accessories, so I started to make my own little hair bows to match this aesthetic.

I have always been keenly aware of raising strong, smart and independent girls…

As a girl mum, I have always been keenly aware of raising strong, smart and independent girls, but it’s also so important to also embrace your femininity and celebrate it as a strength. I feel that my hair bows symbolise being a girl, but not being “girly”.

There is also something really satisfying about clipping a bow in your daughters hair and feeling instantly put together, organised and ready for the day – even though the reality might be something completely different!

Photograph credit: Samara Leckie Photography @samaraleckiephotography

The name “Buttony” was thought up by my daughter…

Not many people know this but the name for my business “Buttony” was thought up by my daughter. I used to make toys, and the very first kitten toy I made for my girl was named Buttony – the rest is history!

I like to draw inspiration from nature…

My creative process usually begins with a walk outdoors in the fresh air. I like to draw inspiration from nature when creating a new range of hair bows, and I think this resonates with the mothers who purchase them.

I also like to create bows that will loosely match in with seasonal colours too, so popping into my favourite children’s stores to see what’s on trend is always worthwhile.

It’s great to know I’m helping to support local businesses…

After some procrastinating, it’s off to the fabric store to buy fabric! I have a beautifully friendly relationship with all of my fabric suppliers (all local), and it’s great to know that I’m helping to support small local businesses by doing what I do. Fabric used to my bows is always ethically produced, organic when possible and I try my best to operate a waste-free studio.

And my favourite part?

My favourite part of the creative process is standing at my ironing board, the light coming in from behind me from the window, and tying the hair bows! I love getting the knots perfect, it is so very satisfying!

My top five


The Lord of the Rings + Homer’s Odyssey

way to wind down

A morning walk by the local creek before the day begins

things I never leave home without

Lip balm + leather gloves

thing to drink

Coffee- is there really anything else?!

workday snack

Chocolate and macadamia brownies from Base Camp Cafe- the absolute best!

You can find Victoria’s beautiful creations here:

Here is her website and online shop and you can follow along on her instagram.

All photos in this post (aside from credited) are from Victoria and are reposted with her permission.

Print in this image is by another incredible local creative Claire Ishino


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